Faster Downloads through APKShare’s New Downloader

General Posted at : January 13, 2022

Faster Downloads through APKShare’s New Downloader

Everyone, rejoice!

Thanks to our improved downloader, downloads are now much faster than before. TLDR; Downloads are lightning fast thanks to our new in-browser downloader, which handles multi-threaded downloads.

So, you've got a large file to download from APKShare, but your internet connection is having trouble doing so? We've got you covered.

Our new downloader divides your file into multiple "chunks" (smaller file parts that combine to form your entire file), downloads all of the chunks at once (using the maximum amount of available download bandwidth), and then reassembles all of the chunks in your browser at the end of the download, saving the entire file to your computer.

Download rates can be up to 30% faster than with a normal internet connection.